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Children and Family Centre sessions - School Readiness

Children need skills to make sure they are ready when they start school. For example:

  • being able to put on their coat.
  • go to the toilet on their own.
  • be able to focus.
  • to feel confident to make friends.
  • to look and learn new things.
  • be able to talk to adults and show how they feel.

Children need to have good routines, have a healthy diet, and get enough sleep. This lets them make the most of this new stage in their life.

We provide 4 sessions each with the following theme:

  • Toilet training: top tips to help with teaching your child to use the toilet on their own
  • Healthy lifestyle: tips for a healthy diet and everyday life
  • Sleep and routines: making sure they get a good night’s sleep and have helpful routines to make the most of their day.
  • Learning through play: understanding the importance of play to help children learn and grow.

Contact your local Children and Family Centre for more information. 

School Readiness

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